Don't Ask, Don't Tell Discharge Data

This data set, which was obtained by the CSSMM from the Defense Department via a Freedom of Information Act request in June, 2004, provides fresh details about service members who were discharged for homosexuality under the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy between 1998-2003. (The policy has been in effect since 1993, but earlier data are not available).

For the first time, we can now trace how many gays and lesbians have been discharged from each military base, and how many service members in each distinct job category have been discharged for homosexuality. According to the data, for example, between 1998-2003, the military discharged 49 nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare specialists, 90 nuclear power engineers, 52 missile guidance and control operators, 150 rocket, missile and other artillery specialists, and 340 infantrymen.

To see the data about occupational specialty and location, please download the following documents:

Discharges by Military Base: MS Word Document

Discharges by Job Category: MS Word Document

Explanation of Data: PDF Document

To see the complete data set, which also includes demographics and other information on discharged sevicemembers, please download these two MS Excel worksheets, which have been placed in one zipped folder for your convenience.

Full Data Set: Zipped File Folder