October 30, 2017

Transgender Ban Injunction Sides with Military Readiness Over Politics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –  Palm Center Director Aaron Belkin released the following statement after  the  federal court in Doe v. Trump, the first lawsuit challenging  President Trump’s transgender ban, enjoined the military enforcing the ban :

“President Trump’s attempt to ban honorably serving transgender troops was a ham-handed effort to prioritize politics and outdated culture-war values over  the constitution, military readiness and the weight of empirical evidence. Transgender troops have been serving openly in the U.S. military for more than a year, and have been widely praised by commanders. Today’s court order  should ensure that, at least for the time being, they can continue to focus on their jobs and protecting our country.

“Researchers at the RAND Corporation and elsewhere  have consistently found that inclusive policy for transgender troops enhances military readiness, a point confirmed by the statement of 56 retired Generals and Admirals, the military’s own study of the topic, and  the real-world experiences of 18 foreign militaries. It is unprecedented in modern American history, and offensive to core military values, to welcome a group of citizens into the military, only to turn around and fire them just because some people don’t like who they are. Federal courts play a crucial role in civilian oversight of the military, and in preventing the current White House from recklessly prioritizing politics and emotion over the well-being of the troops.”